Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Life's twists and turns

*she hides her face in shame* I can't believe how long it has been. It feels like it has been a year or two, but it is all with good reason, so do find it in your kind hearts to forgive my lack of posts ? I have sincerely missed blogging, but there has been way too much going on for me in so many areas.

Here's the deal, over the next few months my blog will be undergoing some major changes and re branding, and will now be more of a personal style blog, not much different from before you say. Here's why. I have now joined an amazing styling company called 'Potential U' check them out here HERE. This therefore means I will be taking a break from my own personal styling endeavours and all styling I do will be carried out under the name of Potential U. This is an absolutely amazing and humbling opportunity, so when I was asked to join the team as a junior stylist I was over the moon, as I strongly believe I have so much to learn, and I have always looked up to Joy the senior stylist for advice in the styling field. I had to undergo the normal recruitment process, and it all went very well.

So the blog will pretty much be about the same things which I love, FASHION and styling advice etc, but there will be some slight changes here and there. Hopefully posting should resume pretty soon as I'm still finalising a few things. There have been so many outfits that I've wanted to show you but there's hardly ever someone to take photos as and when I need them. I was actually considering paying a photographer at one point in time lol. If you have a blog who takes your pics?

I apologise once again for my absence. How have you all been? Leave a comment below,
let me know

                                                         Loads of  love

Friday, 24 May 2013

Agape style scouting : effortless beauty

Hi beauties, today is the second post of the 'agape style scouting' series and today it is featuring a beautiful lady Gabriella. Gabriella did a fashion styling course with me in April at the London College of Fashion. This outfit is so chic and classy yet effortless and simple. I love the way she wore the white pointed court heels and paired it with a soft white top, but because the top has a print on it, it ties the outfit together nicely without looking too matchy. Gabriella is a very stylish lady and she always paired outfits together so well. 
I really hope you enjoyed this post. There are many more fashionistas to come. Stay blessed.

                                                                    Loads of Agape love

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

10 Summer must haves

Hi beauties, I hope you're all doing great and your week has been good so far. The weather in London has been so gloomy recently, and so the anticipation of  Summer has been washed away with the showers of rain. However I decided that the best way to get you excited about Summer again would be to do a post like this. This post includes 10 Summer must haves to spice up your wardrobe for the hot upcoming season. There are many more things that can be added to this list, but the ones listed here are sure to keep you looking stylish and classy through out the Summer. Hopefully you will enjoy it. It would be nice to know if this post was helpful and if you would like to see more like this.

1. Colourful/patterned flowy dresses.  This is number one on the list which is shown above. You just cant go wrong with one of these. They're so comfortable chic and altogether Summery. They instantly make you look dressed up and to be honest you really don't have to put hard work into the rest of the outfit cause dresses like these do all the work for you. Every lady can wear one of these providing you take material, necklines and waistlines into account. For example a halter neck dress will help balance out a lady with small shoulders and a larger lower half, and therefore wouldn't be advisable for a lady with broad shoulders. Chiffon materials work very well with curvy ladies, whilst cotton would work better for a lady who is more straighter. Explore with patterns and colour and just have fun.

2. White/cream blouse or top .White  or cream because it's a light colour and so it keeps you cooler during those blazing hot Summer days. Also its usually lighter in fabric, fresher and just generally nicer to wear in the summer. TIP: go for breathable materials such as very light cotton or linen, baring in mind that some are more solid than others. Choosing lighter fabrics also helps to keep heat rash away.

3. Maxi dresses. We can all agree that maxi dresses were heaven sent. They do an amazing job at helping you look effortlessly stylish without showing too much. You really can't go wrong with a maxi dress , because you just throw it on  and you go from casual to glam in seconds. Once again take into account patterns, materials/fabrics, necklines and waistlines when buying a maxi. If possible try it on before buying it because they can be a bit tricky at times with lengths and hemlines sitting in the right places. walk around the changing room with it, will it drag on the floor, will you have to wear heels with it or take the hem line up a bit? All in all comfort is key especially on a hot day, and the last thing you want is to have to keep adjusting your dress.

4.Sandals. This one goes without saying, adults wear them children wear them and they're great. There are some amazingly stylish and affordable sandals out this season in places like Zara, River Island and Top shop. You've probably been seeing them everywhere. If you're buying heeled sandals, once again do try them on on the shop floor and have a walk about in them to test for comfort. The last thing you want is to pick up an amazing pair then go home and be disappointed that you can't wear them for longer than 0 seconds. Try something new, a new colour, design or even print where possible. Lastly let's keep the pedicure at number one on our priority list when wearing sandals. It just has to be done ladies. 

5. Floppy straw hats. This is an item that your Summer wardrobe will thank you for, because it keeps you looking like a fashionista, but also shades you from the burning sun.  As can seen above most of these hats come in the natural straw colour, however there are many colour variations around black and white. Be sure to grab one this Summer, they are so perfect for upgrading any Summer outfit.

6.Sunnies. Now we have here an all time favourite, sunnies, eyecandy, shades whatever you like to call them really. Once again they do a 2 in 1 job, protecting you from the sun, but making sure you look fab at the same time. It's always great to have more than one pair, just so that you can effortlessly change up your look, and just because you will find that one pair will look so perfect with one outfit and not so much another outfit. TIP: choose ones that compliment the shape of the features on your face. For example if you have a round face with round features you will find that rounder frames work so much better on you than very square and structured glasses, it will contrast as oppose to compliment. 

7. Colour and Pattern. By the time Spring comes around one thing that keeps everyone on their toes and excited for Summer is the sudden burst of energy that the colours on the shop floor provides. Yes colour has the amazing capacity to keep your skin glowing and remain youthful, providing it is matched with right skin tone. Patterns help create more depth and excitement to your outfit , but be sure to go for the right patterns for you. TIP: deeper colours work better for warmer skin tones (yellow undertones), hair colours and eye colours, whilst lighter/ cooler colours work better on people with cooler skin tones (blue undertones). For patterns the scale of the pattern should fit the scale of your physique. A large pattern will drown a small physique, whilst a small pattern on a bigger physique can make the clothes look too tight, or smaller than they   really are.

8. A light jacket. If you live in a country where Summer really only exists for a very limited time and most certainly only during the day, then this is for you. The three main ones are listed above. A leather jacket because yes it didn't go away this season and may never go a way for the seasons to come. However there is a lot of coloured leather out this season which means you can go for a colour you normally wouldn't try. Choose a leather jacket that isn't too heavy, but thick enough to keep you warm on a chilly Summer evening. When the unexpected (expected if you live in the UK)showers come gushing down you may find a raincoat useful, and as seen above you can choose a bright colour to bring some shine to a gloomy day. Lastly the classic trench coat. Perfect for the cooler Summer days and  chilly evenings and will keep you looking sophisticated and stylish. There are many different colour variations for these jackets out this season, so be sure to try something new and stay away from the classic colour choices. 

9. Nail polish. A fruity Summer colour has an intriguing way of pulling an outfit together. This Summer try bold colours and designs . If you find that you're too afraid to try a bold colour and pattern together, then swap. One day try a bold colour with no pattern or a very simple pattern, then the next time try a bold pattern with a colour that's more within your comfort zone. 

10. Perfume. A beautiful summery scent is often the creme de la creme of a lady's outfit. Change up your scent this season  from your signature scent, and make a fruity statement with a more floral/Summery scent. Be careful not to attract the bees while you're at it. 

I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. If you have any enquiries or need a few more tips then email where I will be happy to help you further. 


                                                                            Loads of Agape love

Monday, 6 May 2013

Trend : Monochrome part 2

chic lady

Hi fashionistas. It's May and it's a tad bit overwhelming to take in. At the same time it's rather exciting as the beautiful weather draws nearer (so we pray). This post is based around the monochrome trend and aims to  give you some outfit ideas. Monochrome is such an easy trend to follow and most people won't even have to buy what's in the shops to wear this trend in a stylish way, most of us already own some form of black and white. I believe there are two ways to wear this trend. 1. using block colours (black and white) and pairing them together to achieve the monochrome effect. 2. pairing an item that already has both black and white in it with other items which could either be black or white. This trend is so chic, effortless and simple but makes a statement. Have you been wearing monochrome lately ? It would be nice to know. Let me know down below how you wear this trend. Lastly never feel compelled to wear a trend, because not every trend is for everyone however this is one trend  you simply can not go wrong with. Stay beautiful.

casual lady 

chic dinner outfit

casual chic dinner outfit

Summer daytime outfit

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Monochrome part 1

Happy Sunday my loves, it was my birthday yesterday *she does the moonwalk*. Never mind the age I'm young (22). I wore this monochrome outfit to dinner. The weather wasn't as great as I've been advertising in the last few posts so I opted for a comfortable yet stylish outfit that didn't require my legs to be out. My hair yes it's burgundy and short !! I decided that I would try something new and different to my usual and I never go for colour so I thought why not I'm 22 heeey *american accent*. The burgundy hair with the monochrome outfit made me happy because as you know I love colour and so the monochrome look is never my first option, but with the coloured hair I may be toning things down a bit now. I hope you're all well. Talk to me, let me know how you're doing.

Photo credits : Dami Adeoye

                                                                               Loads of Agape love

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Orange sophistication

How have you been beauties and gent?  (are there any gents that read this blog? ) I hope you've had a fab week so far. We most certainly have in London as the temperatures have been warm and it's been sunny all week which is great. I wore this outfit last Sunday and I must say it really made me feel like even more of a lady. The pencil skirt and pointed shoe combo almost has a way of making one appear more sophisticated and mature instantly, then I guess posture and poise just tops it off. I find that bright and deep colours are my thing mainly because they suit my skin tone and therefore give a lovely glow to my skin. If you have trouble finding a colour that suits your skin tone, think 10 years younger or face lift. It's the colour palette that gives you an instant face lift when put next to your face that is best suited for you. If it washes you out then perhaps you should leave it in the shop. I will do a post on colours and skin tone in the near future,as wearing the right colours can do so much for you. 

                                                                             Loads of Agape love

Friday, 19 April 2013

Agape style scouting : natural fashionistas

Hey lovelies, this is the first 'Agape Style scouting' post and I bring to you two natural haired beauties. Ib is a friend of mine who spontaneously did the big chip over the weekend (cut off her permed hair and is now natural), although she had been transitioning for a while. When I saw her on Sunday I thought she looked fab and I asked her to feature on my blog. She gladly agreed and just as we were about to start snapping away her beautiful friend who is also natural walked by, and since they were both rocking red lips, I asked if she would join and as you might have guessed she said yes too.

Ib mentioned that she decided to wear the red lip because she felt like it just worked with the new hair, and as you can see even the print on her jumper and her necklace are taking it back to her roots. The beauty of style is that it is individual and personal. Another person may see going natural as a time to not wear any make up at all. What ever fashion/ style decisions you make, let them be for you. Remember to be comfortable in your own skin, because this is so important in finding your style.

I hope you enjoyed this post stay tuned for more fashionistas.

                                                               Loads of Agape love